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Michigan LLC Formation Essentials

Before beginning your journey as a business owner, you should form a legal entity. Legal entities offer business owners liability protection to facilitate responsible risk taking in the marketplace. They also establish statutory and contractual guidelines that define your relationship with partners, employees, and customers. Entity selection is complicated and must be tailored to the […]

Top Four Reasons To Send an NDA

When contracting with others, you may need to disclose valuable commercial information to achieve the best results. To do this more efficiently and safely, you should consider sending a Non-Disclosure Agreement (or “NDA”) to the other party. An NDA is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that ensures certain information will remain […]

Get a Lawyer

Are partners or team members in a startup really equals? When you start your business, you are filled with enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities that the future holds. You’ve even managed to inspire others to follow you on your journey into the abyss. Maybe you disregarded my advice not to involve family and friends. […]