Author: Joseph Shanley

Four Things to Consider When Raising Money

To raise money or not to raise money? That is the question. I find that a number of my startup clients want to bring on investors to jump start their business. It’s as if raising money is inevitable. With outside investment, however, comes added responsibility and organizational change. In this article, I am going to […]

The Business Model Canvas

You want to develop a business model and don’t know where to start. My advice is simple. You can’t develop a business model unless you know how to create value for customers. In order to create value for customers, you’ll need certain resources, partners, and activities known as business functions. In this article, I will […]

The Corporate Transparency Act

The CTA Keeps the Mobsters at Bay Shell companies, money laundering, financial crimes. Sounds like it’s time to heat up some lasagna and watch “The Godfather”. Today, we’re going to talk about the “Corporate Transparency Act” (the CTA), which was passed by Congress this past January. This article is intended to give a VERY broad […]

Who is your Competition?

You’ve picked a problem to solve and you’ve identified the market. Great! However, did that preliminary Google search  really yield no results? You must ask yourself, who is your competition? Who is your competition? Many entrepreneurs operate in a vacuum. They generally assume that their solution is undeniably better than anything in market and it […]

Establish a Market for Your Idea

You’ve decided to become a problem-solver, great! However, in order to become a great problem solver, you need to establish a market for your idea. Using the Problem Paradigm, how scalable is the market for the problem you are trying to solve? You can address this question by qualitatively and quantitatively defining the market.  Establish a Qualitative Market The […]

The Problem Paradigm for Entrepreneurs

We’ve all had that light bulb moment in bed at night or out on the town with friends. “I just know that this is going to be the next multi-million-dollar idea, it’s genius!”, you tell yourself. You open your laptop, consult Google, and find no comparable results! Bingo. Excitement builds as you ideate over the […]

Interview with Cronicle Tech News

Joseph Shanley, recently had an interview with Cronicle Tech News. In the interview, he discusses how medical device startups are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He illustrates this phenomenon using his client Seraph Biosciences, Inc. Seraph Biosciences is a biomedical device company seeking to commercialize its real-time pathogen detection platform, Seraspec®. Seraph is a participant […]