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The Operating Agreement: Basic Provisions

Starting a business with partners can be fun, but complicated. Many entrepreneurs even recruit their family and friends as co-founders to get things off the ground. They tend to believe mob boss Michael Corleone’s assertion that “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business”. I disagree. Business can become deeply personal, especially when there are disputes or close […]

Non-Compete Agreement Basics for Small Business Owners

Non-compete agreements (or Non-competition agreements) are used in contracts to prevent one party from directly competing with another party in the same industry or profession. You’ll typically see them in employment agreements to prevent employees from using a company resources or information to benefit competitors. Or worse, to harm their employer. Yikes. This past July, […]

Get a Lawyer

Are partners or team members in a startup really equals? When you start your business, you are filled with enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities that the future holds. You’ve even managed to inspire others to follow you on your journey into the abyss. Maybe you disregarded my advice not to involve family and friends. […]