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Joe Shanley Appointed to SBM Affordable Legal Services Committee

Earlier this month, the State Bar of Michigan appointed Joe Shanley as a member of its Affordable Legal Services Committee. Joe Shanley is the founder and principal attorney for Awen Innovations. Approximately 80% of people of poor to moderate means do not get the civil legal assistance they need. The Affordable Legal Services Committee hopes […]

Voice-to-MIDI: A More Intuitive Way to Interact with Music

Joe Shanley recently co-authored an article for the MIDI Association of America as a co-founder of Bace Technologies, LLC. The article highlights the company’s music technology, Bace. Bace is a real-time AI technology that translates vocal sounds into usable drum MIDI notes for music recordings. MIDI is the technical standard for communication between musical instruments […]

Interview with Cronicle Tech News

Joseph Shanley, recently had an interview with Cronicle Tech News. In the interview, he discusses how medical device startups are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He illustrates this phenomenon using his client Seraph Biosciences, Inc. Seraph Biosciences is a biomedical device company seeking to commercialize its real-time pathogen detection platform, Seraspec┬«. Seraph is a participant […]